Sarah Ginn

Sarah Ginn

Sarah Ginn is a photographer that has specialised in shooting electronic music since 2006.

Sarah was born to military parents in 1980, in the British enclave of Gibraltar. After completing a degree in Graphic Design in 2002, she then fell into photography by accident through working as a digital re-toucher post university.

A long-time fan of drum & bass and all electronic music since her early teens, she started her events photography at super club Fabric, situated in London UK in mid-2006.

In a career that’s spanned many highs and lows since then, including shooting for all major drum & bass and dubstep record labels in the UK, many music festivals across the globe, and forward-thinking stages such as Arcadia.

Sarah has strived to push and bend events photography into varied and complex shapes, to reflect the creativity of the music she has such a passion for.

Her work has changed the electronic music photography vernacular, via the innovative processes she has pioneered over her 15-year career.

As of 2022, Sarah has rebranded herself as a Sarah Ginn Studio to include other creative directions and mediums. After living in Brighton, London, Cambridge, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Germany over her lifetime, she now resides in Bristol, UK.

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