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Members Only is a showcase of the iconic membership cards and passes (VIP, Access All Areas, etc) of the acid house and rave generations. In A to Z format, the book features over 500 items of memorabilia from the late 80s and 90s and covers all the legendary and pioneering events of the eras. It’s a deluxe coffee table hardback book: 432 pages, in full colour on 150 gsm Arctic Volume paper… every first edition book is individually numbered as a throwback to many of the original membership cards.

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Author: Rob Ford
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Members Only: The Iconic Membership Cards and Passes of the Acid House and Rave Generations features over 500 items of memorabilia from the late 80s and 90s and covers all the legendary and pioneering events of the eras, including Amnesia House, Biology, Dreamscape, Eclipse, Energy, Fantazia, Genesis, FAC51 Hacienda, Jungle Fever, Labrynth, Ministry of Sound, Rage, Raindance, Shoom, Spectrum, Sterns, Club UK and World Dance.

With a foreword by Justin Berkmann (Ministry of Sound), a historical insight Introduction by Sarah HB (renowned DJ and broadcaster), a Q&A with Jenni Rampling (Shoom) and finishing up with an epilogue by Anton Le-Pirate (Energy/World Dance/Tribal Dance/Freedom To Party), the book encompasses one of the most important eras for dance music and is a historical reference for future generations.

The book, whilst featuring all of the iconic events, clubs and parties, legal and illegal, also includes quotes from the pioneering event founders, DJs, MCs, PAs, designers, ravers and even with the person who “invented” glow sticks giving us the insight on when, where and how they came about.

Finally, the book throws in some bonus content by way of many business cards and pin badges from back in the day.


“For those who weren’t able to be there back in the day, this book gives us all a piece of rave history that we can hold in our hands. Much like flyers, little did we know, the membership cards and passes we got all those decades ago would end up having such a great story to tell of their own.” DJ Phantasy

“Documenting the acid house and early rave scenes is incredibly important for future generations to know what a historic moment it was in dance music and youth culture. This collection of membership cards and passes shows the amazing creativity and artwork that went into showing your pride for attending events.” Mark Archer (Altern 8)

“Members Only is almost encyclopaedic relating to the underground culture of ‘lost’ rave art illustrators. If this was submitted on a giant scale to a Biennale or Turner Prize it should win first prize. The designers that created these cards and passes are testament to a generation who parked their egos on a bench” Sarah HB

“What was clear from the get-go was that for the author, Rob Ford, compiling this book of specific and rare ‘rave memorabilia’ had been something of a labour of love and one might add of pure intent, to record a phenomenon that only lasted a very brief while at the very beginning of what is now popularly known as ‘UK rave culture’. He has meticulously compiled and documented an important part of what created the scene, that some 34/35 years later, is still going strong and has become a global music and fashion cultural movement. Anyone who puts their heart into what they love deserves commendation and Rob Ford has done a great job here and I was happy to contribute my five pennyworth! Anton Le-Pirate

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