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Electronic music book recommendations

Velocity Press Recommended Books

Tim Burgess from The Charlatans recently added an extensive list of music book recommendations to his website. There are some great books well worth checking out but, as usual with these lists, it mostly includes rock titles with a token few on electronic music and club culture. However, it did inspire us to create our own list of recommended electronic music books. We've deliberately excluded all our own books as you can check them all here. If your favourite is missing please write a few sentences about it, send it to us and we'll add it. Thanks to Russell Deeks (editor, iDJ magazine),...

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Launching a book during a global pandemic

State of Bass book

For the last six months, I’d been working towards the launch date of 2 April 2020 for our second book, State Of Bass: the Origins of Jungle/Drum & Bass by Martin James. Everything had gone to plan and we were on schedule to make the date. It was now time for marketing and promotion to let everyone know about it. My highlight of any book marketing campaign is the launch tour. I work from home on my own so it’s always nice travelling and meeting fellow music fans in person. I also enjoy spending quality time with authors too. I...

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